About the application “Putt Physics”


You play golf and don’t use this app? I started making “Pappatto” with unnecessary expectations and fantasies about what would happen if it became such a standard app, but then I realized that it apparently wouldn’t happen. There are several reasons, but there are two major ones.

1 Because I am a poor player
2 Physics calculation is difficult

I am a dull golfer who has yet to hit the 80s and am stuck at around 100. Of course, it is common for me to hit 40 putts or more, and 3 putts are quite common. When that happens, there is no repeatability in my putts. Every time I make a shot, the strength, weakness, or direction of the putt is shaky, so I can’t fully evaluate the performance of the app I’ve created. Very sad.

The second one, that it’s hard to calculate, is still there. In the app, I am calculating the trajectory of a putt while doing physical calculations while muttering “sine-cosine-tangent-! I am calculating the trajectory of the putt while doing physical calculations, but I am omitting various phenomena when I think about the calculation algorithm. For example, air resistance and wind as the ball rolls, the coefficient of friction due to the turf, the shape of the putter, and the center of gravity are all taken into account. If we wanted to make more detailed calculations, we would have to include more calculations, but if the amount of calculations became too much, the application would not be viable. Therefore, we have subjectively excluded the items that have little influence on the calculation and made an approximate calculation.

Here, I don’t think it is a good idea to calculate an approximation. But the parameter that is not calculated is chosen subjectively. If this judgment is wrong, the error may be large depending on the conditions. After all, here again, “1. I’m a poor judge” affects me and I stop thinking about it, not knowing whether it is correct or not even if I practice it.

So, here is the conclusion.

If you use the app and have any conditions that have a large error with the actual putt, we would be happy to be notified. Contact me here or here. Please let me know, great people of advanced level. I will further describe the outline of the calculation in several parts. You do not need to understand it, of course. I am writing this so that rare characters who are interested in the calculation and are also advanced golfers may be able to comment.