Putt Physics Calculation 07: Strength over cup


Which line is more secure?

The conditions are both putts with a distance of 3m and a strong slope of 3°. White is the line to aim at 3m with just a touch. The orange line is 30cm over 3m.

I think the orange line is the one to use without hesitation, not only because it is easier to putt a return putt over the cup if one putt does not go in. In addition to the fact that the over-the-cup putt is more likely to bring the ball closer to the cup, the just-touch putt will roll toward the cup with a large bend, almost stopping at the end, making it a very uncertain line if it will bend as it should.

I know this is extremely commonplace for golfers, but at “Putt Physics” we calculate the trajectory of the ball based on the policy that everything should be 30cm over. This was just a time when I took the trouble to explain something normal.