Putt Physics Calculation 07: Strength over cup


Hey there golf enthusiasts! Let’s talk about one of the most crucial shots in the game – the putt.

It’s no secret that a putt can make or break your chances of winning. But let’s be real, putting can be tough, especially when you’re dealing with different distances and slopes.

So, when you’re aiming for the cup with your putter, which line do you usually choose? Here’s a scenario – you’re faced with a 3-meter putt on a steep 3-degree slope. The white line represents the distance and direction to aim for a just touch, while the orange line is 30cm past the cup. Drumroll please…the orange line is actually the way to go!

Why, you may ask?

Well, if you miss the cup with your first shot, the orange line gives you a better chance of sinking the return putt because it’s slightly past the cup. Plus, aiming for the orange line allows you to hit the ball harder and push it towards the cup, making it more likely to go in compared to the just touch line, which can be a nerve-wracking curveball.

Now, of course, golf is a highly individualized sport, and everyone’s game is different. But, aiming for the slightly past-the-cup line can improve your putting success rate, especially when dealing with different distances and slopes.

In fact, the “Putt Physics” app calculates putting strength based on aiming 30cm past the cup, which can also be adjusted to your preference. So, keep this in mind the next time you hit the greens, and who knows? It could lead to a higher score and more wins for you. Happy golfing!