Putt Physics Calculation 09: Aiming Direction Displacement


Previously, we discussed the elevation line and the Lespaul🎸. Let us assume that the ball is on the green and you are about to putt. Once you have selected the elevation line and calculated the Lespaul, all you have to do is putt for a cup in. It would be nice if it were that simple, but unfortunately it is not.

See figure.


The distance is 5 meters and the slope is 3 degrees. According to the “Putt Physics” calculation, Lespaul is 147 cm from the cup. However, the trajectory of the ball is unfortunately not that of the cup. As you can see, when the slope of the green increases, the correct response pole cannot be calculated. In particular, as shown in the figure below, the amount of deviation tends to be larger when the slope is uphill.

Therefore, “Putt Physics” provides a function to recalculate. If you feel that the ball is not in the cup and would like the application to reconsider, double-click on the initial ball position. The app will calculate the correction and show you the line where the ball will go in the cup again. It will show an orange line like this.

I say Lespaul is special and unique (the only) point, but when the slope increases, it becomes a multi-point depending on the position of the ball. It’s not funny and it’s a shame, but it’s a meny pole. We are still considering how to solve this problem and make a single Lespaul.