使い方はアプリの中で書いたのですが、計算内容まで書くと長くなり過ぎるのでブログの方にまとめることにしました。計算内容まで知った上でパットの検討をしたいんだー、と思う人はご覧ください。 アプリ「ぱぱっと」について 「ぱぱっと」計...

Putt Physics Calculation 09: Aiming Direction Displacement

Learn about the role of elevation line and Lespaul in golf scenes, and how the "Putt Physics" app can help you recalculate your putt.

Putt Physics Calculation 08: Aiming direction

Learn about a golf trick that helps you sink the ball into the cup from any position on the green. Discover the fun and memorable names used in the "Putt Physics" app for some golf terms.

Putt Physics Calculation 07: Strength over cup

Learn how to improve your golf putting success rate by aiming slightly past the cup with your putter. Discover why the orange line is the way to go in this informative article for golf enthusiasts.

Putt Physics Calculation 06: Motion of a ball rolling down a slope (2D)

Learn how to calculate the motion of a golf ball on a slope in two dimensions using the x and y axes. This article offers informative and engaging approaches to make the calculations more interesting.

Putt Physics Calculation 05: Motion of a ball rolling down a slope (1D)

Learn about the physics of a ball rolling down a slope in golf, including forces, equations of motion, and calculating straight uphill and downhill lines. Understand the importance of slope angle and gradient in golf gameplay.

Putt Physics Calculation 04: Motion of a ball rolling on a plane

Learn about the physics behind a golf ball's roll on a flat surface on the green, including the frictional force, friction coefficient, and the Stimp meter tool. Discover how to calculate the distance the ball will travel using three equations of motion.

Putt Physics Calculation 03: Putter-Ball Collision

We discuss how to calculate the initial velocity of a golf ball when hit by a putter. We use the principle of conservation of momentum to determine the motion of the putter head and the ball at the moment of collision.

Putt Physics Calculation 02: Pendulum Width

Learn how to adjust your putt distance using "Putt Physics" app that calculates the swing amplitude based on swing angle, and discover how the formula used is the same as in other areas of physics.

Putt Physics Calculation 01: Swinging motion of putt

If you're a beginner struggling with your golf putts, this article provides tips on how to improve your accuracy. It also explains the physics behind the swinging motion of a golf putter, using the example of a simple pendulum motion.